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Brain: Lateral ventricles Scheme showing relations of the ventricles to the surface of the brain; oriented Drawing of a cast of the ventricular cavities, viewed from the side; oriented facing right....located within the lateral, third and fourth ventricles alone, but reaches the entire ventricular system and beyond by flowing from the lateral to the third ventricle through the foramen of Monro.

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At the junction of medial and superior surfaces, the ependyma of third ventricle is reflected (from the lateral wall) to the roof. The line of reflection is marked by a line called taenia thalami , underlying which, there is a narrow bundle of fibers called stria medullaris thalami .

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Third Ventricle: Boundaries. Anterior wall is composed from above downward by The 2 lateral walls of the 3rd ventricle are normally closely approximated, for this reason in coronal section of the brain...

triangle-shaped prominence on the floor of the lateral ventricle. In people over age 65, research has shown that periventricular white matter changes are found between 30% and 80% of the time when an MRI scan of the brain is performed. in the region of the posterior right lateral ventricle with shift of midline and lateral displacement of enhancing structure considered to be the right choroid plexus (arrow). Fig. 2. Anteroposterior film of the metrizamide in a large cystic struc- ture (arrows) located in the region of the right lateral ventricle and

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